If You Had A Long Term Illness...Could You Afford It?

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Anyone, at any age, may require long-term care. Are You Prepared?

  1. Why You Need It.

    43% of people over 65 will nursing home care at some time in their lives.

  2. Know The Financial Impact

    Don't let a long term illness destroy your retirement funding.

  3. When Is The Best Time to Buy Long Term Care

    The very best time to buy LTC insurance is NOW.


Why Work With Gary Bush?


He will help you meet your coverage needs while saving you money. 

Gary Bush is a expert at asking the right questions to find the best plan for your needs and to maximize all discounts you could be eligible for, resulting in the lowest cost possible.


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Gary's mission is to exceed customers' expectations and secure their future by offering professional advice, education, and value added service with a personal touch.